Godzilla quotes


None of us have ever faced a situation quite like this one. #GODZILLA Quotes: Daisuke Serizawa: The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around. Admiral Stenz: Gentlemen, you are being sent in by a HALO jump. Now, I realize not all of you have had hands-on experience. Frankly, none of us have ever faced a situation quite like this one before. I would not be asking any one of you to take this leap if I did not have complete faith in your ability to succeed. Read more [...]
Brick Mansions Quotes

Brick Mansions

A cop and a convict: partners in crime. Quotes: Lino: I got a plan to get us in. Damien: Us? First chance you get, what are you gonna do? Put a bullet in the back of my head. Lino: I could have killed you already. Major Reno: Think you can handle it? Damien: My handling needs handling. Grandfather: Grandson, you are all I've got left. Damien: I am so close to taking down Tremaine, to making him pay. Grandfather: Revenge and justice are not the same thing, they never are. Mayor: Read more [...]
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 quotes

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Bad guys beware. Will Peter pay the price? Quotes: Peter Parker: Everyday I wake up knowing that the more people I try to save the more enemies I will make, and it's just a matter of time before I face those with more power than I can overcome. Peter Parker: You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything! Peter Parker: Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how many lives I protect, no matter how many people call me a hero, someone even more powerful could change everything. Aunt Read more [...]
Under the Skin quotes

Under the Skin

When was the last time you touched someone? Quotes: Laura: Come to me. Laura: No girlfriend, really? The Quiet Man: No, I don't have a girlfriend at all. Laura: You're very charming. Laura: That's better. The Quiet Man: Yeah, sorted. Laura: You have a handsome face. The Quiet Man: Have I? Laura: Yeah. The Quiet Man: Aye. Thanks a lot, cheers. Laura: Do you think I'm pretty? The Quiet Man: Aye, you're gorgeous. Laura: Do you? The Quiet Man: Aye, definitely. Laura: Good. The Quiet Read more [...]
Transcendence Quotes


If you had a chance to become immortal... would you take it? Quotes: Will: For one hundred and thirty thousand years, our capacity for reason has remained unchanged. But combined intellect of the neuroscientists, engineers, mathematicians pales in comparison to even the most basic A.I. Once online, a sentient machine will quickly overcome the limits of biology. In this short time, its analytic power will be greater than the collective intelligence of every person born in the history of the world. Read more [...]
rio 2 quotes

Rio 2

Put on your tropical best and take flight with Rio 2 Quotes: Jewel: You're my one and only, Blu. Blu: That's a good thing, since I'm the only other one. News Reporter: An important discovery. Tulio: We have encountered a wild blue Spix macaw deep in the Amazon jungle. Jewel: We're not the only ones. Tulio: There maybe a whole flock out there! Jewel: We have to help and Linda and Tulio find them! Pedro: Oui? What she talkin' about 'oui'? You speak French? Blu: We are all going Read more [...]
Neighbors quotes


In this fight, it’s not just about who has the biggest balls. #NeighborsMovie Quotes: Mac Radner: Look new neighbors! What have we got? Kelly Radner: Is that a fraternity? Kelly Radner: We have to go over there. We've gotta be cool. Mac Radner: And we say, "by the way, keep it down." Kelly Radner: Well, we won't say it like that. We'll be just like... Kelly Radner: Keep it down. Mac Radner: What are you doing with this? Kelly Radner: Keep it down. I guess I... Mac Radner: Don't. Read more [...]
Veronica Mars Quotes

Veronica Mars

Because you can never have enough Veronica Mars. Quotes: Interviewer: You were issued a Private Investigator's license for your eighteenth birthday? Before you were twenty your name popped up in fifteen separate articles and cases ranging from homicides to dognapping. You have a degree in Psychology, Miss Mars. What do you think that says about a person? Veronica Mars: Compulsive, clearly. Addictive personality. Possible adrenaline junkie, But that's not be anymore. Stosh 'Piz' Piznarski: Read more [...]