Escape From Planet Earth

Escape from Planet Earth

Life on Earth can be so breathtaking.

Thurman: He’s got 30/30 vision.
Doc: His ears have nothing on his mouth.
IO: Knowledge is her singular focus.
Lena Thackleman: It’s her way or the Milky Way.
Kira Supernova: Super wife. Super mom.
General Shanker, generally unpleasant.
Gary Supernova: the big brother with a little body and a giant heart.
Scorch Supernova: Interstellar Superstar.

Movie Info
Title Escape from Planet Earth
Release date 14-Feb-13
Genre Animation | Adventure
Official site Website
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Escape From Planet Earth

Quotes from the movie Escape from Planet Earth (The Weinstein Company)

Hawk: Welcome to Earth, Blue Buddy.
Hawk: No! You’re gonna regret it! Not good!
Hawk: It’s called a brain freeze. You need to learn to sip.

Gary Supernova: You can’t do this!
Thurman: Hey, are you finished with the toilet?
Gary Supernova: Uuh!

Doc: You gotta forgive these guys, they got no manners.
Gary Supernova: Uuh!

Doc: Who do you think invented the internet, cellphone, social networkin’? We did! You think humans could build this stuff? I don’t think so!
Lo: Keep it down! I’m trying to get some shut eye!

Earth’s greatest secrets are about to break out!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Brendan Fraser, William Shatner, Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson, George Lopez, and Rob Corddry.


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