Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

The Oracle: Percy, Kronos a force so evil, three of his sons, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon destroyed him. He’s fated to rise again to exact his vengeance on Olympias and the world.

Percy Jackson: I heard there was a prophecy about me?
Chiron: It would seem that the prophecy was referring to our annihilation.

Dionysus: Our home has come under attack. The only thing that has the power to save our home, is the Golden Fleece. It’s in the Sea of Monsters, but the humans call it the Bermuda Triangle.

Dionysus: Our quest calls for only our finest hero, the best of us. The daughter of the God of War, Clarisse!

Dionysus: So then a quest into uncharted and deadly waters, with nothing less at stake than our own survival.

Clarisse La Rue: Don’t worry about always coming in second, Jackson.
Percy Jackson: You know, everything they say about you is wrong, Clarisse. You actually do have a sense of humor.

Grover Underwood: This is a bad idea.
Percy Jackson: You don’t even know what I was gonna say!
Grover Underwood: You’re gonna say that you’re going after the Fleece…
Annabeth Chase: Actually, he was gonna say, we were.

Annabeth Chase: The Chariot of Damnation.
Grover Underwood: Looks like a New York City cab.
Annabeth Chase: Same difference.

Luke Castellan: We will resurrect Kronos, and the Olympians will know death.

In demigods we trust.


Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Douglas Smith, Stanley Tucci.

Movie Info
Title Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Release date August 7, 2013
Genre Adventure – Fantasy
Website Official site
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